Border Express Invest in CubiScan 1200 Pallet Freight Dimensioners

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Border Express Invest in CubiScan 1200 Pallet Freight Dimensioners

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Following on from an initial investment in 2016 which saw them commission three CubiScan 1200 AKL XH Pallet Freight Dimensioners, leading logistics company, Border Express, have since ordered an additional four CubiScan units for Sydney, Adelaide and Perth in late 2017 and have then ordered another three units in 2018. This brings the national logistics firm to a grand total of ten units rolled out around five capital cities in Australia. Congratulations Border Express!

The CubiScan 1200 AKL, available only from SCACO, is a sophisticated, robust, legal-for-trade freight measurement automation solution that will enable Border Express to provide transparent freight measurement services for their client’s freight while ensuring maximum customer service is provided.

The CubiScan measurement process will capture the freight item’s barcode as well as item weight, length, width and height – all in one fast, smooth process. In the case of irregular or “ugly” shaped freight items, the CubiScan will determine the smallest cuboidal shape the irregular item would fit into. This is consistent with Australian National Measurement Institute (NMI) Guidelines for legal-for-trade freight measurement practices.


Forklift loading a Cubiscan 1200

According to Border Express Executive General Manager – Network and Infrastructure, Greg Maytom, “We wanted to implement a best practice methodology for ensuring our customers are charged correctly, according to accurate weight and dimensions, for both parcel and palletised freight. We recognize that not all clients have the resources or infrastructure required to weigh and measure large volumes of freight items.”

“In 2016 we successfully introduced Dimension Weigh Scan automation for parcels and smaller items. And now we are doing the same thing for the larger items. In particular, larger palletised and irregular shaped freight items can be difficult for our customers to weigh and measure accurately. We recognize this. The CubiScans, soon to be located across five states, will enable Border Express to provide highly accurate, legal-for-trade, measurement services for larger or palletised items throughout our network, thus ensuring greater transparency and improved customer service to our valued clients.”

Border Express Pallet Freight Dimensioner Image

Mr. Maytom continues, “With the inclusion of freight image-capturing software that super-imposes date, time, barcode, and the captured length, width, height and weight over the image as part of the data capture measurement process, we can provide additional image support to customers should any confusion arise during the billing process.”

From all of us here at SCACO we can add to this and say that it has been a real pleasure working with Greg and his very professional team at Border Express during their journey to achieve best-in-class dimension-weigh-scan automation.

(This blog post was updated in 2018)

Rhett Talley, Marketing & Business Development Manager