The ‘Big Bag King’ from Fortress sets an unrivalled industry standard for industrial metal detector sensitivity levels being able to detect 2.0 mm stainless steel in 25-50Kg bags of dry product.

While the applications of a metal detector are often thought of as locating a potential contaminant inside of small, packaged or unpackaged goods; less so is its application for scanning larger format packaged goods. And in terms of industry necessity this is certainly not the case; as bulk granular and powdered products, for example, are not exempt from contamination and food safety laws and so require similar HACCP critical control points to effectively identify and reject potential contaminants.

Fortress’ ‘Big Bag King’ is just that – the king of metal detection systems for big bags, as is demonstrated in this video by the Fortress team.

As Fortress Technology’s Australian Authorised System Integrator, the product inspection system experts at AccuPak welcome any questions you may have about the use and customisation of the Fortress metal detector range for your particular application.