AccuWeigh supplies high pressure wheel wash to BHP

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AccuWeigh supplies high pressure wheel wash to BHP

2019-08-23T15:42:14+10:30 12th February 2018|

AccuWeigh recently supplied, installed and commissioned another of its popular AccuWash Bridge 400EX  mobile wheel wash systems for BHP Billiton at Jimblebar, an iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  This wheel wash system efficiently removes the heaviest track-out – that is potentially hazardous material build up – on wheels, axles, tyres and underbodies during one drive-through.

The Bridge 400EX meets and exceeds the demands of high traffic operations and proves to be an indispensable asset for any busy construction, mining and waste management operation wishing to safeguard the general public, protect brand reputation and cut costs.

The heavy-duty, drive-through system, which operates reliably in the harshest conditions, is automatically activated by approaching vehicles via a photoelectric sensor. The system then delivers a high-pressure wash using recycled water at approx. 3kg/cm³ to the inside and outside surfaces of the wheels as well as the vehicle underbody.

In this instance, the wheel wash has been configured to thoroughly wash the underbody of vehicles used at the mine site in preparation for regular maintenance inspections.

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