AccuWeigh Keeping the Power on at Millmerran Power

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AccuWeigh Keeping the Power on at Millmerran Power

2019-06-13T16:15:21+09:30 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch has just completed a general service, weight test and recalibration of a 9m x 8m, 320 tonne capacity weighbridge for Millmerran Power, south west of Toowoomba. The 9m wide weighbridge is actually made up of two 4.5m wide weighbridge decks side by side and was installed by Queensland Weighing Machines Pty Ltd back in 2002 and is used to weigh mine-type vehicles.


The weighbridge uses a Rinstrum 5000 digital weigh indicator for each weighbridge deck and also uses a Rinstrum 6700 summing unit to sum the weight reading of each deck. The weighbridge decks themselves each use four German-made, stainless steel load cells, each with a capacity of 100t.

AccuWeigh used its weighbridge test rig unit, a specialised semi-trailer with the trailer custom modified to carry certified test masses. Due to the very high capacity of the 9m wide weighbridge, uncertified concrete masses were used as dead weight during various stages of the weight testing.

AccuWeigh is a preferred service supplier to Millmerran Power and, in fact, has numerous weighbridge installations in and around the Millmerran area, including two road vehicle weighbridges at Millmerran Power.