AccuWeigh builds 26m weighbridge station for Brisbane quarry

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AccuWeigh builds 26m weighbridge station for Brisbane quarry

2019-10-07T17:03:51+09:30 11th April 2019|

AccuWeigh recently manufactured, supplied and installed a new 26m weighbridge at a Brisbane quarry on behalf of an international consulting agency.

AccuWeigh is a company that works well with engineering companies and consulting agencies that are charged with managing their clients’ projects. This is because AccuWeigh works to best practice project management methodologies that establish, support and promote quality needs analysis, efficient and effective communication and the delivery of projects within time, scope and budget.

With a long, strong history of manufacturing weighbridges that are designed to last the test of time and meet the needs of Australian HGV fleets, AccuWeigh is the largest weighbridge manufacturer in Australia, with over 1,000 successful installations for a wide range of industries and applications.

Furthermore, we have an unrivalled capacity to rapidly respond to customer needs due to the fact that we have:

  • Service centres in every mainland state
  • Highly qualified and experienced weighbridge calibration and service crews
  • Replacement parts readily available for AccuWeigh weighbridges
  • A quality management system that assures excellence in design, construction, installation and servicing of weighbridges

If you are an engineering company considering partnering with a leading weighbridge manufacturer and vehicle weighing solutions provider, contact the vehicle weighing experts at AccuWeigh. Australian made weighbridge