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30 Years of Employment at AccuWeigh

2019-06-13T16:15:06+10:30 10th February 2017|

Andrew Goodair

AccuWeigh’s National Quality Manager recently celebrated his 30th working anniversary with the one company.

Andrew Goodair started out as an apprentice electronic service technician in 1987 with Queensland Weighing Machines in Brisbane. Queensland Weighing Machines was later acquired by AccuWeigh in 2003 and, later still, was merged with AccuWeigh Queensland, but still retains and operates under the same Queensland Weighing Machines ABN.

Goodair confesses that, “Surprisingly not much has changed with electronic weighing componentry in those 30 years, although the quality, reliability and versatility has definitely improved.”

Regarding the acquisition and merger of Queensland Weighing Machines in to AccuWeigh, Goodair says, “Being acquired by AccuWeigh was the best thing ever to happen to Queensland Weighing Machines. Although Queensland Weighing Machines was a leader in weighing systems and weighbridges in Queensland, AccuWeigh brought a professionalism, drive and openness that was long overdue.”

AccuWeigh employs many long-serving personnel which stands as a testament to the positive and empowering working environment that AccuWeigh’s Senior Management strives to achieve. In a day and age where long-term employment is both rare and valued, AccuWeigh makes a habit of employing good people and keeping them.

Would you like to work for such a company? AccuWeigh has positions available in sales, service, admin and management roles and we’d be happy to review your résumé for consideration. Also feel welcome to visit or Careers page for more information.