PB Bench Scale For National Retailer

2019-06-13T16:15:09+09:30 21st July 2016|

AccuWeigh recently supplied CAS model PB bench scales to a national retailer chain. The retailer uses a single scale at each store as a courtesy scale for their customers to assist them to approximate their product purchase before going to the front counter, much the same way courtesy scales are used at the Fruit and Veg section at supermarkets. Read More

Four TruckWeigh Systems for South East Queensland Council

2019-06-13T16:15:09+09:30 3rd July 2016|

AccuOnboard recently supplied and fitted its popular TruckWeigh overload vehicle weighing system to four dump truck and dog trailers (truck and dogs) for a South-East Queensland City Council. The TruckWeigh system will ensure that the Council meets its Chain of Responsibility and Work Health and Safety obligations towards its employees and the public. It does this by alerting the driver, via a digital display mounted in the cab of the vehicle, when an axle group is overloaded. Through this displ… Read More