Regular servicing of robot palletisers ensures minimal downtime

2019-06-13T16:15:15+09:30 24th September 2015|

As part of its ongoing promotional activities, AccuPak is continuing to highlight its full service capabilities of the Fuji-Ace robot palletisers. AccuPak’s Fuji robot full service offering is geared towards keeping your robot functioning at peak performance at all times. As the Fuji robots work tirelessly (some robots working seven days a week, across two shifts loading 30kg bags at 10 bags per minute), coordinating time to service the robots is not an easy task. To keep the robot in prim… Read More

A highly regarded distributor for Fuji Equipment

2019-06-13T16:15:15+09:30 21st September 2015|

Fuji, an international giant in the field of robotic palletising systems, recently recognised AccuPak’s decade-long professional representation of Fuji in Australia by awarding AccuPak a Certificate of Sales Authorisation. Fuji manufacture a superb robot palletising system which significantly reduce the cost and time spent on palletising boxed product prior to transport or depalletising boxed product after receipt from transport. The recognition also takes into account AccuPak’s cont… Read More

Weighbridge Load Cell Servicing Just as Important as Reverification

2019-06-13T16:15:15+09:30 2nd September 2015|

AccuWeigh recently completed a full weighbridge servicing and reverification of a weighbridge for a long-standing customer in Western Australia. Along with the regular calibration and reverification checks, there are other very important items that we also check to ensure the weighbridge complies with the prevailing legislation and performance expectations, like travel stop adjustment. Read More