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The Key Advantages of an Onboard Weighing System

2019-12-09T11:34:55+09:30 1st September 2019|

Operating a successful business means operating at maximum efficiency. Anything less means there is the potential for wastage and losses, such as time. Ultimately any losses in your business equate to an unwanted reduction on your profit margins, so when running an efficient transport or logistics service, investing in an on-board weighing system can pay dividends in the long run. More efficient use of space An onboard weighing system will help to ensure that each truck is loaded to its optimum… Read More

Burnside City Council installs TruckWeigh on its HGV fleet

2019-06-23T11:59:50+09:30 18th April 2019|

Burnside City Council recently installed AccuOnboard’s industry-leading TruckWeigh system on ten of its heavy goods vehicles. The council, which employs the most thorough WHS system, wanted to do everything in its power to: reduce/eliminate the risks that overloaded heavy goods vehicles present to drivers and the general public; and to meet its Chain of Responsibility mass management compliance requirements. To ensure that the overload warning and payload control systems were fully utilis… Read More

Measuring up to the new Chain of Responsibility Laws

2019-05-22T16:07:46+09:30 11th December 2018|

CoR legislation states that all parties within a heavy vehicle transport supply chain—from consignor to consignee—have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities. This means that anyone controlling or influencing heavy vehicle operations, including the mass of a vehicle or its load, must comply with the new HVNL. Download our Chain of Responsibility report and ensure you are on top of the requirements. Read More

Isuzu Dealer Engages AccuOnboard to Install TruckWeigh

2019-06-13T16:15:01+09:30 19th October 2017|

A Gold Coast Isuzu dealer recently engaged AccuOnboard to supply and fit yet another one of its TruckWeigh onboard weighing systems to a vehicle destined to be used for waste collection. While TruckWeigh cannot be used for trade weighing purposes – such as charging for waste collection by weight – the system presents the ideal solution for ensuring that vehicle axle loads do not exceed gross vehicle mass specifications, and so helps operators to meet Chain of Responsibility compliance requir… Read More

The Benefits Of Onboard Truck Scales For Your Scrap Business

2019-06-13T16:15:01+09:30 9th October 2017|

Scales are an essential part of the scrap and recycling industry. Onboard truck scales can streamline your scrap business by bringing the scale to the product. Compatible with forklifts, loaders, cranes and trucks, onboard scales allow you to accurately weigh and record load data in real time. Weigh incoming loads quickly If you receive inventory on pallets or bundles, you can use a forklift scale to check the weight of a shipment, verifying that its stated value is correct. Any light loads will… Read More

Onboard Weighing Solutions for the Waste Industry

2020-01-17T13:38:06+09:30 1st October 2017|

Weight is a crucial piece of information for any business in the waste industry. Product needs to be weighed at every stage of your operation, and for a business to thrive, it needs efficient, reliable and integrated weighing systems. Give your business the edge by embracing technology and the latest onboard weighing solutions to make your business as profitable as possible. If you don’t, you may find yourself lagging behind your competitors. Accurate bin weighing Did you know onboard weighing… Read More

Top FAQs About Onboard Vehicle Weighing Systems

2020-02-05T10:39:22+09:30 18th September 2017|

Onboard weighing systems are important for many reasons including legislative, safety and economic, and there are a number of different types available to suit a huge variety of applications. From the transport and freight industries to waste management, agriculture, mining and construction – there’s an onboard weighing system to suit any application and these top frequently asked questions should help with decision-making when it comes to selecting the right product. What are onboard ve… Read More