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Dimensioning Services

Diverseco’s hands-on team of business analysts and mechatronics, software engineers and other technical staff can design, supply, support and service a wide variety of dimension weigh scan systems ranging from a CubiScan 100 to eliminate manual handling and improve SKU data management automation through to a complex DWS system to maximise parcel throughput and revenue recovery.

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We believe in working with our customers to create, together, solutions that offer real enterprise value. As part of this process, we offer system design and solution consultation along with business case analysis to help you make an informed ROI decision.


Our multidisciplinary team can prepare a business case that describes the project’s return on investment


Our team works with our customers to create or modify any type of simple or complex weighing, measurement and data acquisition information system. If we can conceive of it, together we can deliver it.

From detailed CAD drawings through to visually impressive fluid 3D modelling, we have the resources and expertise to provide meaningful designs for system layouts and configurations that cater for planned throughput capacities.+


Diverseco staff possess the skills and expertise to install and commission all of the products in our range.

From simple upgrades, extensions or system relocations through to fully integrated turnkey materials handling systems, our team provide a complete complement of electrical, mechanical and engineering services required for the successful integration of dimensioning systems into customer operations.


Changes to customers IT systems to accommodate new field equipment can often be prohibitive and expensive.

The highly qualified and skilled programmers at Diverseco are specialists at integrating equipment for existing systems. Our proven track record of delivering and integrating custom software solutions for the logistics, warehousing, and general manufacturing industries is well known and delivers real value to our clients. OurSCACO understands the critical role data plays in any business.

We are also well known for providing a range of configurable and customisable off-the-shelf systems integration software products like CubeMaster for WMS integration, Utility for Industrial Applications, and Harmony for DWS Systems.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT) criteria and reporting ensure our customers get the system they ordered and that outcomes to meet their expectations.


Diverseco have fully qualified, accredited and manufacturer trained technical staff to keep your equipment operating to its optimum levels. Mindful of the pressures of modern business, Diverseco can accommodate our customers’ preferred service and maintenance schedules, such as servicing equipment after hours.


Diverseco is fully licenced and accredited by the National Measurement Institute of Australia calibrate and verify the accuracy of static and dynamic weight measurement devices used by the logistics industry in legal-for-trade weighing applications.


Diverseco can help you reduce risk fo production downtime and optimise uptime through our popular Service Agreements. Diverseco Service Agreements provide our customers with peace of mind by ensuring that their equipment is serviced and maintained in peak condition. Discover more here.