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Dimensioning & Robotics

In competitive and growing markets where labour costs continue to rise, the quest for ever increasing levels of automation is driven by the need to achieve operational efficiencies, improved productivity, reduced physical labour involvement, and improved WHS.

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As exclusive agents for Kawasaki Robotics and a variety of related value-add components, Diverseco are ideally positioned to partner with our customers to develop new automation solutions that integrate sophisticated technologies across multiple domains of automation and expertise. Talk to us about your ideas and challenges and we can work together to develop the solution.

At Diverseco, our customers are challenging us to develop new systems of automation that combine dimensioning, weighing, barcode scanning, image capture, machine vision, remote plc and software diagnostics, integrated processes like robotic pick and place, pallet building, pallet wrapping, shipping label print & apply, and more into one seamless process that can work, for example, also with integrated automated guided vehicles (AGVs).  New frontiers in dimensioning automation, robotics, cyber-physical systems, and digitization in the supply chain are emerging every day.

Palletizing robot with Air Cup gripper