Parcel Scan II

In motion for irregular shapes.

Parcel Scan II2019-06-14T16:50:23+10:30

ParcelScan II:  Designed to provide legal for trade cubic dimensions of both irregular (non-cuboidal) shapes and cartons at speeds up to to 180 metres per minute.

The ParcelScan II Dynamic system is a versatile tool for today’s freight manifesting applications. Designed for use in distribution, direct fulfilment, and logistics environments, the ParcelScan II system combines the attributes of flexibility, accuracy, and durability in an extremely functional package.

ParcelScan II can be configured as a complete workstation with database/interface hardware and software, barcode scanning, equipment, label printing, security camera equipment and a range of material handling options and accessories. All ParcelScan II-collected data is stored in a user-friendly, Windows-based database/interface software package and is easily transferred to a warehouse management system or computer host in batch or real time mode.

Parcel Scan II