In-Motion Dimensioning

In-Motion Dimension Weigh Scan of parcels, freight, and SKUs across driven belts or conveyors at the highest speeds required.

In-Motion Dimensioning2019-06-26T09:58:32+09:30

At Diverseco our in-motion Dimension Weigh Scan (DWS) Systems are built using  proven technology volumetric measurement sensors in combination with in-motion scales, barcode scanning equipment, integration software and other display or accessory components.

Our in-motion systems use Diverseco’s Harmony data-capture software, which stores data captured from different component sources, merges it and sends it to the host IT application. Harmony’s robust reporting and diagnosis modules help to make Diverseco the preferred solutions provider to Australia’s leading brands.

  • Hardware Engineers

  • Software Engineers

  • Measurement Tradespersons

Parcel Scan II

Parcel Scan II

In motion for irregular shapes.

Pallet Scan II

Dynamic dimensioning system for pallets

In-motion dimensioning for pallets.

Maxicube Mobile Belt Line

Maxicube In-Motion Parcel Dimensioner for larger non-conveyable parcels.

For larger freight items.