Harmony DWS Software

Harmony Data Capture and Control Software is the system intelligence behind every Diverseco in-motion, dimension weigh scan and sortation solution.

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A critical part of any DWS and Sortation system is the software that controls it. Harmony Software brings together discrete system modules like – barcode-scanning, weighing, dimensioning, image-capture, tracking, PLC control, along with conveying and sortation – into a harmonious whole.

Unlike the software products from other vendors, Harmony can be purchased as a true, stand-alone, systems-integration software solution that will work with hardware components from any manufacturer. Whether you are using Data Logic, SICK, Vitronic, OCS, CargoScan, or any other hardware vendor, Harmony ensures that these subsystems function together seamlessly regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

The total flexibility designed into Harmony gives potential DWS and Sortation system buyers the freedom to work with literally any hardware vendor in the world.

Running successfully for more than fifteen years in many of the region’s best-known companies, Harmony has been refined, field tested, and proven in over a hundred express parcel installations.

Because Diverseco develops and owns the Harmony® source code we have the flexibility and know-how to create custom software integration solutions for every type of DWS application.

This means you get the best local support in real time when you need it. Using TeamViewer or other industry standard remote log-in tools, Harmony engineers can access your system remotely to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve system issues in real time no matter where your location.

Harmony acts as the central collection point for all the data of the system.

It collects data from:

  • The dimensioning scanners,
  • Weighing scale,
  • Barcode scanners,
  • Barcode vision cameras,
  • IP cameras,
  • And the system PLC

Harmony then merges this data and adds it to the SQL Server database. The Harmony BarCollate module filters scanned barcodes on the parcel according to pre-determined business rules. It then uses the correct barcode as the unique identifier against which to store the other captured data.

Harmony can export this item-level data in a wide variety of file formats in real time to a folder location on your network.

Harmony system monitoring provides total visibility of the performance of all components of the system – regardless of the hardware OEM. It provides a “heartbeat” file every few minutes when the system is not being run. If any issues arise, they will be recorded and can be quickly addressed.

For an operator or supervisor, Harmony acts as the visual cue to see that the system is functioning correctly. The operator screen provides real-time feedback, statistics, images and system layouts all in an easy to read and understand display.

Worker operation a terminal with Harmony DWS Software