At Diverseco, our in-motion Dimension Weigh Scan (DWS) Systems are built using proven-technology volumetric measurement sensors in combination with in-motion scales, barcode scanning equipment, integration software and other display or accessory components.

Diverseco only use the world’s best OEM equipment from Sick, Data Logic, Wipotec-OCS, and others.

Our in-motion systems use Diverseco’s Harmony data-capture software, which stores data captured from different component sources, merges it and sends it to the host IT application. Harmony’s robust reporting and diagnosis modules help to make Diverseco the preferred solutions provider to Australia and Southeast Asia’s leading brands.

Diverseco are the premier specialist Dimension Weigh Scan systems integrator in the Australasian region. With over 100 in-motion system installations of all types around Australia we have the expertise and experience to design, supply, install and support almost any DWS system design required to solve any user’s unique requirements.

We combine in-motion dimensioning + in-motion weighing + in-motion barcode scanning + Harmony system control software to create a bespoke solutions that range from simple straight lines that can process low volumes like one thousand to two thousand items per hour, to more complex systems with integrated sortation lanes that can process three thousand to ten thousand items per hour and more.

Whether you need in motion DWS for legal for trade parcel or pallet solution or just automated DWS for warehousing dispatch we have the ideal solution.

In-Motion Pallet DWS

Dynamic dimensioning system for pallets

SCACO have designed and installed a variety of in-motion pallet dimensioning systems for palletised freight applications.

Mobile Dimensioning Systems

Cubiscan 100

Mobile DWS can include any combination of mobile weighing, dimensioning, or scanning systems.

In-Motion Dimensioning

Maxicube In-Motion Parcel Dimensioner for larger non-conveyable parcels.

In-Motion Dimension Weigh Scan of parcels, freight, and SKUs across driven belts or conveyors at the highest speeds required.

Static Dimensioning Systems

Cubiscan 125

CubiScan: Accurately declaring shipping weight since the 1980’s.

Harmony DWS Software

Worker operation a terminal with Harmony DWS Software

Harmony Data Capture and Control Software is the system intelligence behind every Diverseco in-motion, dimension weigh scan and sortation solution.