The Parcel Scan 2 static, legal-for-trade system for irregular shapes is the ideal solution for express freight companies, logistics and warehousing companies and others who need to use a legal for trade solution to capture the barcode, weight, length width, height and an optional digital colour image (with all relevant item-level details super-imposed in the outer borders of the image file) of irregular shapes items and cartons.

With irregular shapes the Parcel Scan 2 will determine the smallest cuboidal shape the irregular item would fit into which is consistent with the legal for trade definitions for cubing and dimensioning of irregular shapes.

If you only need to capture the weight and dimensions of cartons an boxes then the CubiScan 150 is ideal for you. However if you need to capture the weight and dimensions of irregular shapes in a legal for trade application then the Parcel Scan 2running Diverseco’s Harmony DWS management Software along with our Harmony Image Lift image capture software is a fantastic semi-automatic option that will enable users to capture LFT dimensions of both carton and irregular shaped parcels at a rate of hundreds per hour.

Parcel Scan 2 Cubic dimensions and weight of boxed and irregular shaped items:

Cube Minimum: 50 x 50 x 50 mm LWH (smaller size options for non-legal for trade)

Cube Maximum: 1200 x 800 x 800mm LWH – Optional LFT up to 2000mm length

Measurement Increment: 5mm

Weight Minimum: 0.1kg (100 grams)

Weight Maximum: 60 kgs

Weighing Increment: 20 grams

Parcel Scan 2 - 200 cm length measurement version