Cubiscan Mobile Trolley

The Cubiscan mobile trolley with plug-and-play power-station and rechargeable 12-volt battery, for Cubiscan models CS25, CS100, CS125, and CS325, enables the ultimate mobile Cubiscan work station.

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Wheel the trolley throughout the warehouse and take the Cubiscan to the SKUs rather than trying to bring all of the SKUs to the Cubiscan. Export captured SKU data in real-time over wireless LAN using our CubeMaster Software to enable a seamless data interface to your host WMS application.

When charged overnight (i.e. for 8 hours) the battery will enable full use the next day for up to 15 hours. Designed to conform to stringent Australian Standards, the heavy duty trolley is built to last for decades of use.

CubiScan 325 and Trolley