Exclusively from Diverseco, the MaxiCube Belt Line incorporates the largest legal for trade approval for in-motion dimensioning in available in Australia.


Capture the barcode data and cubic dimensions of all shaped items up to a maximum of 2.6 m length, 1.4m width and 1.5m height all in one conveyor lane.

Now you can get legal-for-trade dimensions of even the largest and ugliest freight items with belt line ease and convenience. Previously “non-conveyable or “incompatible” items can be measured automatically and with ease. When it comes time to measure the cubic volume of so called “cube-out” freight items, it is possible to wheel the MaxiCube Belt Line into action. Or, let Diverseco design the Maxi-Cube’s capability into your one-lane-fits-all solution requirements.

Fully integrated into your host IT systems and running Diverseco’s industry standard Harmony DWS control software, the MaxiCube will maximise freight revenue recovery and provide a rapid return on investment for those companies with a high proportion of oversized freight items that typically “cube-out” rather than “weigh-out”.

MaxiCube DWS for Large Irregular Shapes