Cubiscan 125

For Cartons and Irregular Shape

Ideal for the widest range of items including parts, bottles, cosmetics, garments, and boxes.

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Cubiscan 125

The CubiScan 125 will supercharge your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with accurate SKU dimensional master data covering the widest shapes possible. The CubiScan 125 is the new industry standard for mobile cubing and weighing applications involving both irregular and cuboidal shaped items. Dozens of CubiScan 125’s have been installed around Australia and New Zealand.

The advanced Dimensioning and Weighing systems from CubiScan are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehousing, distribution, and freight manifesting operations. These patented Dimensioning Systems will provide accurate and reliable product dimensions and weight for all of the items in your warehouse or shipping application.

Features Include:

Purpose Built

Ideal for cubing and weighing both boxes and irregular shaped SKUs and items in a warehouse or DC setting.

Easy to Use

Mobile Heavy Duty Trolley with chargeable Power-Station enables easy use throughout the DC for mobile dimensioning of warehouse SKUs.

Smart Identification

Automatic SKU or parcel identification though integrated barcode scanning and instant DIM weight calculations.

Data Integration

All data directly interfaced to your Warehouse Management System via our CubeMaster WMS integration software.