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Cubiscan 1200 AKL Pallet Dimensioner

The perfect freight revenue recovery and freight item verification system in a cross-dock application.

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Two CubiScan 1200 AKL legal-for-trade automated pallet dimension systems in use at an Australian express freight service provider.

The Cubiscan 1200 AKL Pallet Dimensioner  – portable Floor Mount model from Diverseco – is a complete, legal-for-trade, freight revenue recovery and validation system. In one quick and easy process it will capture barcode-scanned ID data, freight-weight, cubed-dimensions, and take a digital photo(s), then store this verification data-set for easy transfer in real-time to your host IT Management System.

Additionally, the Cubiscan 1200 AKL Pallet Dimensioner can also be used to dimension larger SKUs in a warehouse application, just in the same manner as the smaller Cubiscan models are used. This is an ideal solution for Heavy Industry, Auto Parts, Mining Equipment and other settings where large SKUs are stored.

Dimension any shaped item up to 3.5m Length x 2.5m Width x 2.8 M Height

Features Include:


Purpose Built

Ideal for use as a large Cubiscan to dimension larger SKUs in a warehouse and WMS integration application.


Item Verification

Includes high-res colour digital photo for integrated freight item verification.



Legal-for-trade cubing of all larger shapes. Portable and easily relocatable within the warehouse.


Smart Identification

Automatic item identification though integrated barcode scanning and instant DIM weight calculations. All directly networked to your dispatch or freight invoicing host IT application.

More than 50 units sold and installed in Australia at more than 15 different companies. The Supply Chain Industry’s preferred option. Network and systems integration come standard with every Cubiscan 1200 AKL. You can be up and running at site in one day.

30 Day Trial Use Options are available!