Cubiscan 1200 AKL Big Bear

For Pallets

The largest legal for trade approved measurement range for dimensioning in the southern hemisphere. Legal for trade dimensioning of items up to 7.2m x 3.5m x 2.8m LWH.

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Cubiscan 1200 AKL Big Bear

Diverseco has now released a new product with the largest legal-for-trade, single-zone, dimensioning approval in Australia, the Cubiscan 1200 Big Bear.

The Big Bear is a combined large single-zone and dual double-zone pallet and large freight dimensioning system that is ideal for dimensioning and weighing larger irregular shapes like mining equipment and longer irregular shapes like carpet rolls or piping lines.

The Big Bear can incorporate two large inground or above ground platform scales for individual zone and combined zone weighing.

The vertical height clearance of 4.5m enables various vehicles to travel underneath – with the in-ground scales. Also, when the scales are designed correctly, loaded and unloaded forks can travel underneath the dimensioning frame and over the scales as well.

If you need to weigh items up to 7.2m long then to do this in a legal for trade manner the two scales need to ideally cover the same area as the total dimensioning area, namely 3.6m length x 2.5m width times two scales; or, when the two scales are used in tandem a combined area of 7.2m L x 2.6m W.

Features Include:

Individual Cubing Bays

From three (3) up to eight (8) Individual Cubing Bays are possible for maximum throughput.

Large Cubiscan

Ideal for use as a large Cubiscan to dimension larger SKUs in a warehouse and WMS integration application.

Item Verification

Ideal for use as a large Cubiscan to dimension larger SKUs in a warehouse and WMS integration application

Smart Identification

Automatic item identification though integrated barcode scanning and instant DIM weight calculations. All directly networked to your dispatch or freight invoicing host IT application.