Cubemaster Software

For inbound applications, the various Cubiscan models are each used to quickly and accurately determine the precise weight and dimensions (LWH) of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in a DC or Warehouse.

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CubeMaster SKU Measurment Software

But this measurement data is not very helpful if you still need to manually record and enter it into a host IT application.

CubeMaster WMS Integration Software is an automation powerhouse. It incorporates a Microsoft SQL database and runs on a specifically configured PC which forms part of the overall Cubiscan solution. CubeMaster enables the detailed measurement, validation, storage, management, and data export interface of tens or even hundreds of thousands of SKUs to a host WMS application.

CubeMaster is always configured to each individual client’s individual needs. Our IT people work closely with your IT people every step of the way. If you want complex verification metrics, no worries. If you want something simple, that’s okay too. CubeMaster accurately captures and stores volumetric and verification data from any Cubiscan model and, with its easy to understand front-end, it’s a breeze for anyone to use with minimal training.

Everything is handled by a robust database system which stores all information and handles important processes for the CubeMaster application. This allows CubeMaster to be flexible enough to fit the needs of any of our clients with a highly configurable back-end that can handle any task while leaving the operating side simple and easy to use.

CubeMaster Software Configuration Guide. Diverseco’s software engineers will work with you by email and telephone to configure CubeMaster software to your unique requirements.