Whether you are a busy warehouse, distribution center, 3PL, or ecommerce hub the capture of outbound parcel, carton, and order weight and dimensions – and the import of this data into a host freight or transport management system – is a critical task to get automated.

With outbound order or parcel shipping applications, the critical questions to ask are:

  • What is the volume processing throughput per hour that you require? In other words, if you have a lower volume requirement, that might mean you need to measure 200 individual items per day and you have five available hours to do this in. That means you need to measure around 40 items per hour. If this sounds like you then a manual semi-automatic solution may be suitable.
  • What are the minimum and maximum weights and dimensions (LWH) of the items to be measured?
  • What are the shapes of the items? Are they all in cartons or are they mostly irregular shapes or are they a mixture of both? The answer to this question will help to determine which CubiScan model is right for you.
  • What level of measurement precision to you require?
  • Higher volume throughput – If you have volume throughout requirements that exceed, say, 200 items per hour then you will likely benefit from a more automated, in-motion solution. If so, the above questions will apply but also more complex issues such as automated barcode scanning – how many sides to scan and what type of barcodes and scanners are best, automated conveying, spacing-gapping conveyors, reject lanes, sortation lanes, and physical space available may apply.