In the case of 3PL eCommerce Fulfilment the application is similar to outbound shipping. However, in the case of last-mile fulfilment, eCommerce can also be said to be very similar to a typical express freight cross-dock. Why? Because in eCommerce retailers are supplying a very broad range of items over which they have increasingly less control. And shipments come in for a few hours before they are scanned, measured, and sorted into designation lanes or line hauls for delivery vans. If the market demands it eCommerce will supply it – from the smallest items to the largest irregular shapes items. Therefore, with this application the same questions as in the parcel shipping applications will apply and, in particular, we are concerned with volume throughputs per hour and parcels size ranges.

Where volumes are low solutions like the CubiScan 100 or CubiScan 150 or the Parcel Scan 2 for irregular shapes may apply.

With higher volumes a variety of bespoke solutions can get the job done.

eCommerce conveying