In the express freight or general freight sectors the same concepts apply to pallet freight as apply to smaller parcel freight: Revenue Recovery. Customers make inaccurate freight measurement and weight declarations and shipping providers can leak revenue as a result. In fact, where some express freight providers ship both parcels and pallets these DWS systems are often characterized simply as “Smalls” (parcels) and “Bigs” (pallets).

In logistics and international airfreight applications shippers and shipping companies need to accurately declare the weight and dimensions of the pallet and large cargo they ship for a variety of important reasons beyond revenue assurance. Airlines have fixed physical space available and strict guidelines apply. Distribution Centers are becomingly increasingly automated and warehouse control systems need to know the correct LWH and Weight of items so that they can make intelligent optimisation or automation and materials handling decisions.

In modern industrialized countries with high wage costs and high openness to innovation adoption pallet dimensioning automation is becoming a high priority. The trend towards smart warehousing and the automation required to make this happen is driving Diverseco’s development of the CubiScan 1200 AKL Multi Process concept.

LTL shippers must all ask themselves, Is it time to introduce automated pallet dimensioning and weighing of pallet freight in your LTL freight business?  Is your LTL or LCL freight business leaking a million dollars a year or more in lost freight revenue due to the mis- or under-declaration of freight weight and dimensions by shippers?

These are two common questions and are also the subject of two popular Diverseco blog posts that you can discover more from, here and here.

Big money revenue leakage as a result of customers’ mis-declaring the weight and dimensions of their parcels is a core challenge for express freight providers. However, the same also holds true – on an even bigger scale – for many shippers of palletised freight. Increasingly more freight carriers are using the Cubiscan 1200 AKL for automated cubing and weighing of their palletised freight.

The CubiScan 1200 AKL static pallet dimension weigh scan solution as well as our in-motion pallet DWS solutions will provide accurate, legal-for-trade pallet barcode-scan and LWH and Weight data – and an item image – or images – and export this captured data in real-time to your host IT application.