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Dual Weighing In-Motion Weighbridge for North Queensland Copper Mine

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 26th March 2018|

AccuWeigh recently manufactured and commissioned a heavy-duty, dual weighing in-motion (WIM) for a North Queensland Copper Mine near the Gulf of Carpentaria. The WIM is specifically designed to weigh the concentrated axle loads of fully-loaded mine vehicles prior to unloading. The engineered design ensures that none of the load cells are used beyond their rated load. This particular installation uses AccuWeigh’s IT8000E driver control station, a fully-programmable digital weighing terminal tha… Read More

The latest trends in weighing technology and the benefits of weigh-in-motion technology

2019-06-13T16:15:03+09:30 19th August 2017|

Weighing systems play a critical role across the gamut of industry, providing organisations and users with vital information that enables them to improve their yields, meet legislative requirements, enhance the safety of the working environment and boost their operating efficiencies. Anyone involved in logistics, transportation and along the whole supply chain will appreciate the important role that weighing technology plays and how it has evolved to become a key factor in helping organisations… Read More

A Buyers’ Guide To Weighbridges

2019-06-13T16:15:05+09:30 18th April 2017|

When you are looking for a weighbridge for sale, it  is important to remember than weighbridges are a significant capital investment and play an integral role in how efficiently a site operates. For this reason, it is worthwhile taking time to understand how they work, what the key features are and the differences between the various designs. There are many different types of weighbridge available, each of which is designed for optimum performance in a specific setting.  Various factors need t… Read More