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Five Things to ‘Weigh-up’ Before Buying Scales Online

2019-11-18T10:06:19+09:30 12th November 2018|

If you are shopping online for a scale with price as your most important variable, we think it’s important that we alert you to the issues this can cause. After fielding calls from hundreds of people seeking a resolution to the issues they have encountered after buying a scale online, we’ve created the following list of things that you should consider before you buy your scales online. Beware of buying on price alone. Things you should consider to arrive at a well-informed decision, include… Read More

The Importance of Future-Proofing Weighing Equipment

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 9th August 2018|

A macadamia nut processor in Gympie, Queensland, recently asked AccuWeigh to increase the maximum capacity of a trade-approved pallet scale in their factory. The increase in maximum capacity was necessary because the processor had started packing larger pallet loads. Unfortunately, the capacity increase to 3,000kg was not possible because the existing pallet scale did not have load cells with a suitably rated capacity. It was then necessary for AccuWeigh to supply a new A500 pallet scale. This h… Read More

Loader Scale Calibration

2019-10-18T10:40:38+09:30 28th June 2018|

AccuWeigh recently calibrated a loader scale on a front-end loader. The loader and weighing system will be used at a demolition site to weigh rubble and to load dump trucks with optimal loads in preparation for transportation to the materials recycling centre. AccuWeigh is able to perform loader scale calibrations in situ, and in this instance we calibrated the loader scales inside the building being demolished. We use test weights traceable to national mass reference standards to ensure accurat… Read More

Mobile Scales Speed-up Luggage Processing at Brisbane Airport

2019-06-13T16:15:01+09:30 17th November 2017|

AccuWeigh recently supplied 17 quality mobile floor scale weighing systems to Virgin Australia at the Brisbane Domestic Terminal. The portable scales, which can be easily manoeuvred, will enable the airline’s staff to process more luggage for their customers during peak periods, such as Christmas, when queues at the regular luggage processing terminals are stressed. This innovative approach to customer service is designed to increase processing times and customer satisfaction in a very competi… Read More

The latest trends in weighing technology and the benefits of weigh-in-motion technology

2019-06-13T16:15:03+09:30 19th August 2017|

Weighing systems play a critical role across the gamut of industry, providing organisations and users with vital information that enables them to improve their yields, meet legislative requirements, enhance the safety of the working environment and boost their operating efficiencies. Anyone involved in logistics, transportation and along the whole supply chain will appreciate the important role that weighing technology plays and how it has evolved to become a key factor in helping organisations… Read More

Improving truck safety with weigh-in-motion technology

2019-06-13T16:15:05+09:30 1st June 2017|

There’s no escaping the fact that overloaded trucks pose a serious safety threat to road users. If a truck load exceeds its legally permitted limits, the likelihood of traffic accidents and infrastructural damage is increased. And accidents involving HGVs are likely to have more severe consequences.  And as road safety deteriorates, all road users are under increased and unnecessary risk. These are a few of the reasons why overloaded trucks are unsafe: Overloading leads to vehicle instability… Read More

Essential Features You Need In An Industrial Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:06+09:30 3rd April 2017|

At face value, a weighbridge or truck scale may not stand out as a key contributor to productivity and profitability, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover just what a valuable asset they are. Technological advances have meant that weighbridges have moved way beyond merely serving as weight measurement instruments.  They are now powerful management tools, acting as an important critical control point and providing crucial information about the supply chain. However, not all weighbridge… Read More

WA Pastoral Company’s New 18m Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:06+09:30 5th February 2017|

AccuWeigh recently completed the installation of an 18m long, above-ground weighbridge for a pastoral company north of Albany that were looking to satisfy Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations. As with most large companies, it’s important to check the accuracy of product weight arriving to and leaving from site. A weighbridge is the most accurate way to determine vehicle loading of incoming and outgoing trucks at this critical control point. To further enhance their site’s productivity,… Read More

Poultry Weighing Scales for National Poultry Processor

2019-10-18T11:02:06+09:30 26th January 2017|

  AccuWeigh recently supplied a national poultry processor with a two digital hanging scales specifically designed for weighing poultry. The poultry scales are ideal for weighing new hatchlings to monitor their growth at key points along their timeline, or for weighing fully-grown birds prior to marketing. Features of the poultry scale include battery operation for use in any location and peak weight hold for live weighing. An audible acknowledgement that the weight has been captured indica… Read More

The Advantages Of A Shipping Container Weigher To Meet Chain Of Responsibility Requirements

2019-08-30T15:32:23+09:30 14th November 2016|

Historically, only vehicle drivers and operators were responsible for complying with transport laws but now anyone who has control or influence over any transport task, including those capable of exercising control or influence, are parties in the ‘chain of responsibility’ and may be deemed liable in the event of a breach of the road laws. The ‘Chain of Responsibility’ (CoR) legislation aims to improve compliance to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and was introduced to exte… Read More

PNG Bin Converted to a Weighing System

2019-06-13T16:15:07+09:30 28th October 2016|

The team from AccuWeigh’s Brisbane branch recently travelled to Papua New Guinea to convert a bin in to a weighing system. AccuWeigh fabricated and supplied four steel ‘out-riggers’ which were welded to the side of the bin in four, evenly-spaced locations. Under each of these out-riggers, we installed a 30 tonne capacity, stainless steel load cell and constrainer assembly, the kind that are used for weigh silos here in Australia. Read More

Factors Affecting Weighbridge Accuracy

2019-10-25T12:31:51+09:30 27th August 2016|

A weighbridge is a valuable asset for any operation in the bulk transportation and logistics industry and many companies depend on the information gathered at this critical control point for a number of important things including resourcing, invoicing and cost control. Accuracy and integrity is paramount for both the buyer and the seller and in many places, including Australia and New Zealand, weighbridges that are used for trade purposes have to be monitored and checked regularly to ensure opti… Read More

What Do I Need To Consider When Choosing Between A Pit Or Surface Mounted Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:10+09:30 18th May 2016|

Once you’ve made the decision to install a weighbridge, the next step is choosing between a pit-mounted or a surface-mounted one. It’s a decision where you need to consider many different factors to ensure that your investment delivers value for money and that it performs optimally under all conditions. It’s worth outlining the basic differences between the two types before delving any deeper into the how you should go about choosing which one is best-suited to your situation. As the name… Read More

Low Profile Wheel Weighers Proving a Boon for Logistics Consulting Company

2019-06-13T16:15:15+09:30 27th July 2015|

AccuWeigh recently sold two LP600 low-profile wheel weighers to PAB Logistics, a logistics consulting company in Queensland, for use with vehicle compliance for a number of Blue Chip companies. The LP600 wheel weighers allow PAB Logistics the ability to easily set up on their customers' sites and provide accurate vehicle weights across axles, axle groups and total mass. Read More

Electronic Weighing Equipment Updated for a Brisbane Waste Transfer Station

2019-10-28T08:52:18+09:30 29th April 2015|

AccuWeigh Queensland has just recently completed the updating of a digital weighbridge to a Brisbane waste transfer station in Willawong, a southern suburb of Brisbane. The weighbridges located at all Brisbane City Council waste transfer stations were first installed by AccuWeigh Queensland (then called Queensland Weighing Machines Pty Ltd) back in the early 1990s. Read More