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HGV Overloading is a Serious Issue

2019-09-10T08:49:16+09:30 5th September 2019|

With the new stringent Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws now in effect, it’s imperative that organisations with road transport supply chains implement mass management controls, as part of their safety regimes, to ensure the safe and legal loading of their heavy goods vehicles. Existing obligations have been reformulated as primary duties and any business or individual who is involved in the road transport supply chain now has a primary duty of care to ensure the safety of road transport opera… Read More

The Benefits Of Onboard Weighing Systems For Bulk Haulage Trucks

2019-06-13T16:15:06+09:30 11th April 2017|

Overloaded heavy vehicles are a significant safety hazard, but they also have a negative impact on many other areas including the road surface, infrastructure and the environment. For example, a bulk haulage truck that is overweight or has been loaded incorrectly is at risk of the following: Greater likelihood of accidents, causing harm to humans and damage to infrastructure Truck instability, steering difficulty and need for longer braking distances Tyres can overheat and wear rapidly, increasi… Read More